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2013 Ford Fiesta - AC compressor issue

Ac compressor/clutch comes on for a minute then shuts down. Have to restart the car to have the ac come on again then shuts down again and again.

That sounds very inconvenient.

The AC compressor is supposed to cycle on and off. Are you saying it doesn’t cycle back on? If so, take the car to a good independent shop and tell the mechanic what’s going on. It may simply be low on refrigerant.

Your vehicle isn’t equipped with a Clutch Cycling Orifice Tube AC system.

CCOT Systems

CCOT stands for Clutch Cycling Orifice Tube. This system is found on most low to middle class vehicles. This system has a fixed rate orifice tube and cycles the A/C clutch on the compressor to regulate pressures and refrigerant flow, as well as making sure the evaporator doesn’t ice up.

It uses an expansion valve to regulate the pressures.

From what you describe, it sounds like the system is low on refrigerant


Correct. Clutch is supposed to cycle, but this one isn’t. I have to turn the car off to get the compressor to kick back on each time it stops ( crazy) pressures seem to be ok in what little time I have to check them. Looks like it’s going to a shop here in the next day or two. As you both have stated. Thank you for your help. I will post back when repaired.