2013 Ford F-150 - Steering locked up

steering wheel locked while driving

Tell us more! What happened after the tow?

Ford had some issues with their EPAS (electronic power assist) system in those years. Power steering is electronic rather than the old hydraulic power steering pumps we were used to starting in the 2011 f150. May be that system failed and you had no power steering?

when you say locked up do you mean like when you shut vehicle off and take the key out and you cant turn the wheel? if not it can be what Scrapyard-john said or this…
Ford F150 power steering problem SOLVED! - YouTube

So, you wound-up hitting something because you were unable to steer the truck?
Or, were you able to stop in time before hitting something?
If the latter is the case, then how did you steer to a safe place after stopping?

Or, as has already been suggested, did you simply lose power assist for the steering?

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