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2013 Ford Escape 1.6L or 2.0L


Thanks for the update after the fact regarding your FL trip! How the rest all turn out? We’re sort of in a similar situation to what you described. I’m inclined to go with the 1.6L for a little cheaper and better fuel mileage. What did you guys find out from your experiences both in your daily flatland driving as well as the mountain driving?? Knowing what you do now, could a 1.6L have been OK? Thank you much!!


We bought the 2.0L AWD Titanium. We completed a trip to Yellowstone NP about a week ago. MI to YNP and back. We drove about 4500 miles. This included Interstates (got up early to get around Chicago with little problem), city (Minneapolis was the largest - went to the Mall of America), scenic byways (the best was driving through the beartooth mountains to get to YNP - NE entrance) and a bunch of small towns. The FE did great in the mountains! I loved the HP (231 w/regular gas) especially when passing the many RVs (I obeyed all the yellow lines/no passing zones!).

“Knowing what you do now, could a 1.6L have been OK?” Of course it could be OK. The question I can’t answer is would you be happy with OK? I don’t think I would. The lower MPG with the 2.0L wasn’t a big deal for me. As for the rest of the time, I think the 1.6L would be OK for my typical flatland driving. But we bought the FE largely for long road trips. My 2008 Mazda 3 is just fine for our day to day driving for the short trips around home.

I averaged 28.8 MPG (EPA hwy for the 2.0L AWD is 28 MPG) on the trip. But you won’t see that number if you choose to drive the posted speed limits on the Interstates. EPA highway numbers are achievable if you keep your speed under about 65 MPH. We got off the Interstates and drove as many scenic byways as we could (in ND, MT, WY and NE). If you’ve researched the Ford ecoboost engines you probably already know that - if not read up on it.

I own a 2013 Ford Escape 2.0L SEL
it is a nice car, but they have a terrible service in Canada, especially East-Cort Ford

now I am looking for second car, except Ford brand

Note: I hade before Ford escape 2007 (Pre owned),and I never bring it to ford service and that is why I purchase a 2013Ford escape, but now I decided to never purchase ford anymore because of the terrible service


What is your point?

You said the 2013 Escape is a nice car, but you’re getting lousy service at your dealer

How is that relevant and helpful to us?

If I were driving almost exclusively in the city I might consider the 1.6.
Even with all the high-tech 1.6L just seems very low displacement for that size vehicle; has to work hard.
I would go for the 2.4 (2.5?) because of likely lower long term maintenance & repair costs without a turbo.

Perhaps we should also close this discussion

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There’s been too many long inactive discussions being revived

It serves no purpose