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2013 Equinox AM/FM No Sound

2013 Chevrolet Equinox LS, 90k miles, base radio.

It was 22 degrees this morning, 58 degrees yesterday. When I started the car this morning there was no sound/static from the AM/FM radio bands. However XM radio (not currently subscribed), the CD player and Aux input work fine. I can also hear the turn signal. The radio was working normally yesterday. Any thoughts? I will try later when it warms up a bit

Ed B.

Maybe the antenna cable is loose or corroded where it plugs into the radio.

Just checked the radio, it’s working normally. The temp is up to 32 degrees. I’ll just keep an eye on it.

Ed B.

Temp was ~21 degrees this morning. Same problem no AM/FM and Seek/Scan not working, so probably no signal being received by radio. The Equinox has a roof mount stubby antenna. There is a small gap between the antenna base and the roof. I will pull down the rear headliner and check for water intrusion and check and clean the antenna wiring connectors. Thank you for the suggestion.

Ed B.