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2013 Dodge journey 6 cylinder AWD acceleration problems

On a recent snowy drive from Chicago back home to Detroit, our 2013 Dodge Journey (6 cylinder AWD) started to make a screeching sound. My husband said it sounded like a belt. The sound would come and go. Due to the snow we were not able to go much over 45mph on the hwy. About 30 min after hearing the noise the first time, the car all of a sudden lost almost all acceleration. Not great when you are in the middle lane in snowy weather. We were able to get to the shoulder. After letting the car idle for a short time (3-4 min) in park and stepping on the gas peddle while in park, we took off again. As long as we kept our speed 45-55mph for a short time the car would started to drive normal for 45-60 min, until it would happen again. One time we did not let the car rest for the normal 3-4 min and we were back on the shoulder again within a few min. The only warning light that came on once and then went out was the “check AWD” we have only driven the car locally a couple of times since, I was planning to take it to the Dodge dealership later this week. however if you have any ideas as to what this may have been that would be helpful. I fear this is a problem that is hard to duplicate, however this also concerns me as I normally drive a lot for work and often have several kids in my car on weekends. Any suggestions ?

It’s sounds like AWD system didn’t like the conditions you were driving in. Slippery?

Bring it to the dealer and they’ll hook a scanner up to find out why AWD is binding.