2013 Dodge Dart - Battery drain

What could be causing my battery to drain? It is less than 2 years old and it has gone dead 3 times within the last month. No I do not believe it is the cold weather as we have had an above normal winter. Only once did the battery go dead when it was in single digits.

Parasitic electrical drain. May take some work to find the source.

Do you have an aftermarket… Stereo? Remote starter? or Car Alarm? Suspect those first fr parasitic drains. All are notorious for this.

How often do you drive it and what is your annual mileage.

Thank you for the response. Everything is factory. No corrosion on posts or cables. So I guess I am left with faulty charging, a bad alternator, worn tensioners or loose belts. Will let you know the results from the dealership.

Sitting idle for a week and the car would not start still makes me think of a parasitic drain though.

BTW, if the battery went totally dead three times the life of the battery may be affected.