2013 Chrysler 200 - Wet floor and overheating

my car keeps overheating. my floor board is wet and water is not flowing from the coolant to the radiator

Another Chrysler that keeps taking, and taking and giving nothing but pain and heartache back.

You have a lot of serious problems. It needs to go in for service. I can’t identify the problems from your description but I can tell it is serious.


if the floor is wet you probably have a leaking heater core which eventually empties the radiator and why it is overheating . If its the heater core expect big bucks because you usually have to disaasemble the whole dash to replace them .

How have you determined that . . . ?

The radiator is empty . . . ?!

You likely have more than one problem, like a kinked or clogged air conditioner drain hose and something wrong with your cooling system.

You should get your cooling system pressure tested and get your radiator flow-tested.

The kinked or clogged air conditioner hose can be fixed in about 30 seconds with compressed air.

In the meantime make sure the coolant in the radiator is topped off. In a pinch, f the leak isn’t severe you can get some extra cooling for the engine by turning on the heater to max heat. I’d be surprised on a 2013 if the problem causing water to accumulate on the floor is the heater core leaking. That would be more likely in much older cars, but a 6 year old car, not so much. I’d guess the more likely causes for water on the floor is either rain water getting into the car, or the AC drain system is clogged, or – this is my guess — one of the hoses that connects to the heater core is leaking, most likely at the hose/heater core connection. You can sometimes tell if the liquid on the floor is coolant or rain water by dabbing a white paper towel and looking at the resultant color. Orange, red, yellow, etc, good chance it is coolant. No or only a little color, probably rain water. Coolant often has a noticeable aroma also, sort of sweet smelling, while rain water is odorless. If you determine the problem is w/the heater core or connections to it, you could use the temporary work-a-round of bypassing the heater core. No heat for the passenger compartment is the downside, but as long as there’s no other cooling systems problems you could still drive the car.

Nobody’s been adding plain water to the cooling system, right?

If the floorboard is wet with coolant, your heater core is leaking. Any leak in the system will make the coolnt recovery stsyem not function and your car is likekly overheating from low coolant.