2013 Chevy Spark LS Manual - Fault Codes P0324 and P0325 Revisited

My spark has 30,500 miles on it and its oil is changed at every 3,000 miles even though I might be switching to doing it at 5,000. The issue is that my car is having spark knock no matter what octane fuel I put in the car. It will start immediately so it seems like my spark plugs are fine, the issue doesn’t actually start happening until i’m on the road for about 5-10 minutes. I can hear it with the windows up and while inside the cabin.

I decided to take it into the dealer on Tuesday because on Monday I noticed after a 20 minute drive that the coolant overflow reservoir had leaked, It’s 2 pieces and it leaked from the middle all around it. I looked that up and found out that this could point to a partially blown head gasket? The dealer still has the car and just told me an hour ago that they’re waiting for a PCV Valve and cover to come in on monday so they can do the recall installment on that. She told me that this could actually be a part of my spark knock problem. I did know that the valve cover had a slight oil leak but it only leaked a bit after 8,000 miles.

Anyways, so my question here is. Could this recall installation fix my actual spark knock issue? Also, after seeing the coolant overflowing. Is it already too late? Thank you.

It is the shop so after the recall is done then you will have your answer . Anything now is just speculation that could be completely wrong .

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That’s fair +1