2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Lobe failure

my 2013 silverado 5.3 liter developed so call lobe failure

If you didn’t know, that means one or more of the cams became excessively worn. It’s a known problem but low oil or going too long between oil changes can contribute to this. Unfortunately, you’re past your 5yr./100k powertrain warranty.

So that means a new cam and some lifters is required.

And more than likely caused by not changing the oil often enough or by running the engine low on oil; or both.

Cam and lifters are going to be needed. Depending upon the miles on the truck the rest of the engine may not be far behind so some thought is going to be needed. Maybe an oil pressure test and compression test would be a good idea. No sense in putting new parts in a worn out engine.


How many miles on the engine?