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2013 Chevrolet Cruze won’t start after refueling

I ran out of gas (I think) and after refueling, she won’t start. I’ve pushed the valve stem on the fuel bar and gas shoots to the windshield. I pulled the coil pack and checked for spark and it’s good. I don’t have any timing related codes with the check engine light. I already know the EVAP cannister is going bad. I’m at a loss as to why she won’t start up.

I don’t think you ran out of gas.

I’m guessing your check engine light is on, we need to know ALL the codes Pxxxx

Before she stopped running she had the CE Light on and running a little rough.

The codes are:

The p0171 is a lean code. Since you’ve verified spark, my guess is the next test is to try spraying some starter spray into the air intake and see if it will start and run briefly. Cranks ok but fails to start is almost always either spark, fuel, or compressions. Compression seems unlikely and spark is ruled out, so the fuel system is where to focus.

One of the codes is for purge flow detected during a non-purge period. That could cause the engine to flood during starting. If so the starter spray idea won’t work. Try holding the gas pedal all the way to the floor during starting, see if that helps.

I’m not seeing any p0156 listed for the 1.8 non-turbo. Which engine do you have?

I have the 1.4 engine. I took off the oil cap and verified that the cam shaft is turning so I’ll assume compression is good and timing belt is intact.

Oh and I have tried the starter spray through to air intake and she didn’t even hiccup. Nothing.

I don’t see a p0156 listed for the 1.4 Turbo engine either. There’s a p015B though, indicating a problem with an o2 sensor circuit.

If you have spark and sprying starter spray doesn’t do anything, most likely are (1) engine is flooded; (2) compression problem or other internal engine problem; (3) exhaust system is clogged.

Suggest to remove a spark plug. Is the tip wet w/fuel?

Isn’t that engine Direct Injected ? I have to look that up…

Not direct inject.

Yes you are correct @CapitalTruck… I got it confused with the 16’ model, which is direct. Oh well

I believe it jumped time.

So I’ve done some more homework and apparently I have a timing chain not a belt so jumping time doesn’t seem possible. The front cam is turning so is it possible that the back cam has spun? Meaning the sprocket is an installed piece with a shear pin??

Whats the word on this? You figure it out?

So I haven’t gotten my Cruze started yet. I’ve performed a few tests and the results are kinda confusing.

-I checked fuel pressure…55psi
-I sprayed ether into all cylinders then put the spark plugs in…fired right up and ran for a couple seconds.
-I spray ether into the air intake and nothing happens.
-I removed the positive terminal for hours in Hope’s the ECU needs reset…nope

Any more thoughts??

I need to drop the gas tank and everything I find says to unhook the lines and wires then take the straps loose and lower the tank. My tank has the safety shield and I can’t get to the straps and there doesn’t appear to be any way to access the gas tank. I need to know how to get passed the shield to be able to drop the gas tank.

You need to go to a Cruze owners forum. I just helped my senior neighbor fix her 2013 Cruze 1.8 eng that threw a p0171. It was a leaking purge valve, one of many other and related commonly occuring afflictions in this car. I recall running across, ‘won’t start after fillup’ quite often, in my search of Cruze forums.
With all the codes you have listed I suspect the CEL has been on for some time. You probably have more than one item that needs replacing or attention.
Purge valve that sits on top of the eng on the 1.8, charcoal canister, charcoal canister vent valve, dirty throttle body, something to do with the neg ground at the battery and last but not least the PCV. A bad PCV will make a bit of an oily mess under the plastic cover where the plugs live. If you get her started there will suction at the dipstick tube. To fix a bad PCV, the whole valve cover needs to be changed, that’s GMC for you. Good luck

Did you check the injectors? Remove them and set them over a bowl to catch the gas. If you don’t have something like a test tube holder, get a pal to hold the injector. Power the injector and check the spray pattern. You should have a full atomized spray. If not, the injector needs to be cleaned or replaced. It needs to be hooked to a gas source, of course.