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2013 Chevrolet Cruze AC blows hot on one side

Cruze LS auto trans 83640 A/C drivers side blows hot air while passenger’s side is cool no one seems able to fix the problem at first they recharged the system three time they reset the doors in the air conditioner it worked for a day than when back to blowing hot air on the drivers side.

If the A/C system has been recharged three times there must be a leak. You need to return to the shop that recharged the system so they can look for the leak, hopefully they added tracer dye to the system.

the system was recharged once dye was added there is no leak in the system. after a few days the problem is that only the passenger’s side gets cold air the drivers side blows hot. the next three times they spent working on the alignment of the doors in the system and the A/C would work for a day or two than returned as it would revert to only the passenger side being cold.