2013 camaro 3.6l v6 ..absolutely can't get car to start AT ALLWhy won't car jump from battery but will from under hood via positive terminal and negative pin next to air filter?

why can’t I jump my car from the battery in the trunk but I can from the under the hood 2013 camaro I got in my car yo start it but the key got stuck n wouldn’t let me pull it out. I got someone to jump me off under the hood with the positive terminal and the negative hooked to a lil pin next to the air filter… I was able to remove the key and put it in neutral and push down the street to my sisters out the middle of the street . Tried to start it again same thing happened couldn’t get key out tried to jump from the battery under the trunk but nothing. no juice at all idk why and now my key is still stuck… any ideas yall I’m stuck…

I am not real clear in my understanding of your problem. If you are saying that you can only jump the car by placing the positive cable on the battery terminal and the negative connection has to be placed on a point of the engine, this would mean the negative battery cable has a bad connection to chassis ground. You will need to check the cable out and the terminations of the cable.

There’s a problem with the positive battery cable from the trunk to the engine.