2013 BMW X5 - Water pump problems

Same issue as above - had to replace the water pump at 57K under emergency situation - wasn’t reimbursed by BMW CPO program because it wasn’t done at their dealership,

Excuse me, the same issue as what/who? We can’t see what you’re referring to. I suspect, though, that you ran into some of the fine print in your CPO warranty. You can try calling BMW corporate–there should be a number in your Owner’s Manual–but don’t get your hopes up.

Thanks Dave for your suggestion. Sorry for the unclear info - had listed under a previous complaint re x5 water pump failure while driving on freeway. Unfortunately, I already called BMW asking for reimbursement for repairs outside of BMW, which they denied, even though it was an emergency situation. I was unaware all repairs have to be done through BMW under CPO cars. If it had been recalled prior, I obviously would have taken it to BMW.
Appreciate your concern.