2012 Volvo S60 - Knocks

When car cranks up it makes a loud knocking sound. Once it idles down the noise isnt nearly as loud. the once acceleration began it knock underneath the hood. Exhaust is unbearable and you can feel the strain in the pedal when driving

My non-mechanic thought is that the timing is way out of whack. Get it looked at before there’s serious engine damage.


That is the sound of your bank account’s knees knocking. Your engine may be about to break in half.

Yeah, another BIG hint the engine is ready to split…

In what way? Loud? Stinks? What? Are you sure no one has stolen your catalytic convertor?


Have you checked the motor oil level? Knocking upon startup, knocking on acceleration, and the strain could be the engine trying to seize due to oil starvation.

If no oil on the stick and the symptoms are that bad the engine is done; at least as far as a cheap fix goes.