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2012 Volkswagen Tiguan - engine is toast

I have a 2012 VW Tiguan with 80,000 miles on it that consumes oil. It consumed so much that I ended up runnning low on engine oil and they tell me now that the engine is toast. What do you recommend and who in the North Shore area of Boston, (Near Danvers) would be good at putting in an exchange engine or seeing if the existing one can be overhauled in frame.

At the top of this page click on the mechanics file and see if there is shop listed. Your best bet is Yelp or friends and co-workers for a place.
Now for the part you are not going to like. Your engine is toast because you did not have a set schedule for checking your oil level. From now on pick 1 day a week to check the oil before you start the engine . When traveling check it after each fill up of fuel.

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You are correct Volvo, I have been reading some of the messages regarding engines and all and as to say I have bought a Vw Tiguan 2008 1.4tsi a year ago saying so I just recently traveled with it to holiday 700kms one way, before that my wife had sent the car in to get oil and tyres etc for check, they have filled up oil and all necessary checks. Returning from my holiday a week later my Vw Tiguan at 230kms In to the drive blew out white smoke and cut out meaning my engine is toast as well, Vw is the process of checking it and it’s already a aprroximate R40 000.00, yes u definitely need to do oil checks but I am so blown away and frusted in the sense of what I have experienced and read through these posts I urge my obligation for no other person to buy a vehicle like this ever.

You apparently bought a 10 year old vehicle with over 200000 kilometers so I don’t think you can blame Volkswagen . And have no clue what ( R40 000.00 ) means.

It’s the currency. Rupees? Rubles?

If it’s any consolation, if the engine was burning that much oil, it was pretty well used up anyway. You just sped the process up a little. I know others will disagree, but I would never open an engine up for an overhaul with higher miles on it. There are too many things that can go wrong in the process or be missed. You can search for used engines on locally or nation-wide. I know nothing of Boston though but some hear are quite familiar. My question would be how often oil changes were done?

2012 w/80k miles? i cant even afford a car like that. out of my price range. 100 million cars in the US. i bet a bunch of them are burning oil and running low right now. been seeing a lot of these common threads here lately. whats up with checking oil these days?