2012 Toyota Tacoma - $2K and the AC still does not work

problems with a\c toyota tacoma 2012
garage changed the compressor and evaporater. They removed the dash, they put green stuff they can’t find the leak… After 2 days no more air conditioning…it cost me 2000$ and I still have the same problem.

check the Schrader valves. remove the caps and put a little soapy water on them. everything else has been checked, maybe they overlooked something simple.

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Personally, I’m not a fan of dye for leak checks. My preference would be an electronic sniffer and which is what I use.

To lose enough refrigerant over 2 days to cause it to become inoperative would be a significant leak. As mentioned, the service valve ports should be checked.
The people who did these repairs should have performed a thorough leak check after doing all of that work.

Ok thank you. I am going back to the garage on Tuesday and I will tell them.

Ok thank you very much. I am going back to the garage and i will tell them

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