2012 Toyota RAV4 with a soft brake pedal

Brake pedal on 2012 Toyota is soft and almost goes to the floor. Everything appears good as in pads,rotors and calipers. What else can it be?

Air in the brake system, failing master cylinder, failing brake booster, failing ABS modulator from the most likely to the least likely.

Park in a dry spot and pump the brakes a half dozen times. Then look for a puddle under the car or the inside of a tire that is wet. Either a small leak in a brake line, or a wet tire would suggest a leaking caliper.

If you do find the problem there, you will soon be completely out of brake fluid. So have it towed…for your safety and the safety of others… to a shop you use.


After 6 years, the need for a close look at the brakes is to be expected. I would recommend a wheels-off inspection, drums (if present) off, and having fresh brake fluid push out all the old. Along the way a small leak may show up. An internally leaking master cylinder is not so easy to diagnose, but first any other leaks need to be fixed.