2012 Toyota RAV4 - Overheating issues

My rav42012 model is overheating badly after changing the head gasket and also removed the thermostat.

did you change the gasket? if not bring it back to the shop that did it.
if you did it. did you bleed the air out of the system? with the heat on? make sure fans are working.
check to make sure the radiator cap is good.
also how many miles are on the vehicle? if a lot the water pump might need replacing.

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Put the thermostat back in.


Was the head checked for flatness before reinstalling it?

And were new head bolts used?


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and were they torqued properly?

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That is what I am about to do now

What is that? Replace the head gasket or refill the cooling system?

Out of al the above. What are you about to do now? I’m guessing you did the job yourself, if so take it to someone that knows what they’re doing.

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Are you losing any coolant? Have you tested the cooling system to make sure it holds pressure? Is the radiator cap working correctly? Finally, the thermostat has to be installed and working for modern cooling systems to work correctly. Otherwise you’ll get too much flow through the radiator and not enough through the engine.