2012 Toyota Matrix - Which bolt size

Would anyone know the size of bolt that is used to hold the exhaust heat shield to the frame?

There are many heat shields under your car, the typical bolt size is 6 mm X 1.00 mm, with a 10 mm head on the bolt.

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Oh… ok…it’s the very back one over the muffler. Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Without actually looking I would think that shield is held on by more than 1 bolt. Remove one of the others and any hardware store can match it for you . Or if you need it done an independent muffler shop does stuff like this all the time.

My guess is always “10mm” Regardless of the situation.


I truly appreciate the responses. I’m just trying now to get the bolts out and will be headed to the hardware in the morn. Thanks so much!