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2012 Toyota Corolla - Noisy

Load noise when driving at highway speed

Load noise , then you have too much stuff in your vehicle.

Seriously , 8 year old car. without actually driving the car no one could tell if it is door seals , drive line or tires making a noise.

What is a ‘load noise’?

I think that the obvious solution is to lighten the load, or to drive at a slower speed.

Seriously, however, the OP needs to describe the sound more specifically, and needs to try to localize the area from where it is emanating. At this point, the problem could be the tires, or wheel bearings, or something in the drivetrain, or the door seals, or … ?

Did you notice the noise recently? Are the tires in good condition?Any exhaust leaks?Post a sound clip if you can because that will help us a lot.

Is it possible you meant road noise? My 2009, which is essentially the same car, is reasonably quiet on the highway and in general. Check the tire pressure and the general condition of the tires. If that checks out have a good independent shop look it over.