2012 Scion tC - Oil change gone wrong

My friend took his car into a local tire/repair shop to have the oil changed which requires full synthetic oil. He provides the oil and filter and they charged him $15 in labor. He has this done on Friday, picks it up after work and drives it about 8 miles home where he parks it in his new driveway. It doesn’t move until Sunday afternoon and there is a 2 ft oil spot under his car which has never leaked a drop of oil before. He checks the oil and it is still full to he drives it back to the shop on Monday morning so they can check it out. They call him and tell him the oil pan is cracked and it requires $350 to change it. He said that he questioned it but they said the pan deteriorates over time which is what caused it to crack! I said hogwash! Unless you poke a hole in it somehow or slid it over big rocks that this would never happen “naturally”! I figured they used an air wrench to over tighten the plug and cracked it around plug. I told him to get the parts and run it by the Toyota dealership and see what they said! When he asked for the parts they decided to cover the repair cost! I told him that after they fixed it, I would take it by the dealership to make sure it was repaired correctly and would never darken the steps of this shop again! I wouldn’t trust them after they tried to cheat him like that! Am I right? What’s your thoughts?

Go to the right shop for the job tire shop’s are good for tire’s only find a good independent shop for everything else whatever you do DO NOT go ti jiffy lube for oil change’s.

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Stay away from the Mavis’s of the world for anything other than tires .