2012 Nissan Juke - any trouble with carbon monoxide?

Has anyone had any problems with carbon monoxide poisoning?

Yes, not uncommon. People start their cars and let them idle in attached garages. People with poorly maintained furnaces. And people with exhaust system leaks.
If your question is related to your car, have the exhaust system inspected.


If you’re asking whether that model has a history of exhaust problems, to my knowledge the answer is “No.” That doesn’t mean a specific car can’t have an exhaust leak. If you even remotely suspect one, have a reputable mechanic look it over, sooner rather than later.


You can purchase carbon monoxide monitor tabs from pilot supply places on the internet. They stick on your dash and turn dark if CO buildup is present. Cheap and easy way to answer your question but have your exhaust system checked as well.


Yeah it can happen to any car. The police were having trouble with the Fords for some design issue so can happen. Back in South Dakota when they did vehicle inspections, they found even brand new cars with pin hole exhaust leaks. Driving with the rear hatch open/leaking or tailgate can pull fumes in also.