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2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 SE tire pressure monitor

Warning light appeared, pressure adjusted to 32 psig on all four tires, but light will not go out, even after several miles of driving.
Are the tire valve stem Caps speCial for this feature? I have lost one and replaCed it with another type I had.
Thanks in advanCe.

(Pardon the Capital C’s, my keyboard must need Cleaning. I had to Cut and paste to get C’s)

Did you check the pressure in the spare tire?


I would reset the TPMS also, the procedure should be in the Owner’s Manual.

Ed B.

To reset the TPMS on this vehicle, you fill the tires to the proper pressure and then drive the vehicle over 15 MPH.

The OP has appeared to have done that.


The son just here. He’s a tire/wheel tech and works with TPMS’s all the time and I showed him your post. (he started laughing)

On some Nissan’s, if the pressure in a tire drops to where it causes the TPMS light to come on, the TPMS module can set a hard code. So even if you fill the tires to the proper pressure and drive the vehicle the module keeps the light on because a hard code was set.

The fix is to connect a scanner for TPMS and shut the light off.


I"m not familiar with the TPMS code, but as far as I know, all other codes will reset if the system generating the code is resolved - either through repair of the onboard system or when the systems goes through its normal re-testing and finds the system in proper working order. When that happens, the light will go out.