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2012 Mazda Mazda2 - Steering rack so soon?

Hi my name is Greg i own a 2012 Mazda 2 I have 23000 miles on my Mazda the service department at Mazda tells me that I need a new steering rack I found this a little odd with only 23000 miles they quoted me a figure of around 700.00 to repair it does that sound right thank you

You are out of warranty. Take it to an independent shop. Describe the symptoms you are experiencing. BTW, what is your car doing? Do not tell them what the dealership told you.

Apples vs. oranges but I got a quote for the same amount from an independent shop to replace the rack on my Corolla. You’re probably in the ballpark.

What is the reason for the rack replacement? Leaking?

Granted, the car miles are very low but the rack is still 9 years old and seals deterioate with age and heat so it is possible the rack could be failing.

I agree; go to an independent and get another opinion

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Exactly why do you need a rack . . . ?!

Steering rack is leaking . . . ?!

Inner and/or outer tie rods worn out . . . ?!

If it’s due to leakage, you might want to post some pictures . . .

One of my cars has had seepage from the rack for at least 5 years, and not a single drop has ever hit the driveway. And I don’t ever need to top off the fluid level.

There are leaks . . . and there are leaks

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Doesn’t that model have electric power steering? If so it wouldn’t have any fluid to leak.

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It appears you’re correct

I assumed it had electrohydraulic power steering . . . a strange combination of electric and hydraulic . . . because that’s what the Mazda 3 from roughly the same time had

Our mechanic’s used to tell us that the rack on the 1990 Mazda Protoge was showing wear but just kept checking it every time the car went in for service and it never was replaced. If memory serves it would have been around $700 with an even split between parts and labor to replace the rack.