2012 Madza3 $1800 for engine decarb

I went to my dealer because my engine light went on. Prior to that I went to Autozone and got a free diagnose which said one of my could needed to be replaced. I tried that but the engine still went on. So when I went to the dealer they said I need an engine decarb and replacement of my PCV valve and injectors. All this for around $1800. I feel like that too much money. Am I being played?

Probably not , that is probably fair dealer prices . Of course you location is unknown. It would help if you posted the code you got Pxxxx . Also you are out of warranty so do like most people and get an estimate from an independent shop. That will help you make a decision .

Why are you taking a vehicle that’s out of warranty to the dealer?

Take the vehicle to an independent shop for a second opinion.

Sounds like someone has a boat payment due.


I bought the car at their dealership over a year ago.

But that does not mean you have to have it repaired there .

Yes, I understand that. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being tricked before checking our other repair shops.

The only way to know is to have another shop look at it. Find a good independent (not chain) shop, ask around for recommendations, use Google, Yelp.

Replace the pcv valve and try some techron or seafoam, sounds a bit overkill.


That would definitely be my first step before throwing 1800 bucks at it.

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You really need to provide the diagnostic code that was given along with the miles on the car. Also, by “could” do you mean “coil”? Was this a misfire code?

As for the PCV valve; maybe or probably.
As for all of the injectors failing; not likely.

Yes, I meant cool. Visited a couple of mechanics and went with the one that sounded like he knew his stuff. I’m having it worked on now. I’m getting it decarb and a new coil. He said my valve and injectors are good, the pressure was just getting messed up from the carbon build up

There is a service bulletin for the misfire/carbon build-up problem. The repair takes about 4 hours to remove the intake manifold and clean the carbon from the valves.