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Dealer trust

Three weeks ago I brought my car to the dealer for their advertised “free safety inspection” and discounted oil change. The car checked out fine. Three weeks later the check engine light came on and the dealer said I needed a new ignition system worth $775. My feeling is, ditch the car, ditch the dealer. Thoughts?

My thought is to get an accurate diagnosis from a highly-regarded independent mechanic.
While it is not likely that you need “a new ignition system” on your mystery vehicle, trying to make any kind of decision without an accurate diagnosis is…just not wise. Please note that there is no trouble code that equals “replace entire ignition system”.

When you go to that indy mechanic, ask him to write down the specific trouble code(s) that he finds, and then come back here to post those codes and get further advice. And, at that time, perhaps you can divulge the make, model, model year, odometer mileage, and maintenance record of this vehicle.

I don’t think that the dealer “free safety inspection” and oil change had anything to do with the check engine light coming on three weeks later. Go to Autozone and have the code read and then post back with the code or go to an independent shop and have them diagnose the problem.
Is the car running properly?
Don’t condemn the dealer until you get a second opinion. The problem may not be as bad as you think or the repair as costly as the dealer makes it out to be. You haven’t told us the year and make of the car. However, if the car requires a $775 dollar repair, you can’t trade for a better vehicle for that amount of money.

I don’t know your dealer, and I have dealt with some that are straight with their customers, even if they are a bit expensive. Still, when I stopped going to dealers for maintenance, I stopped having so many problems. Don’t get me wrong, I still need repairs, but only once in a great long while instead of every few months. I agree with VDCdriver and Mr T. Get a second opinion. Ask all your friends and neighbors for a recommendation if you don’t know a good independent mechanic. Eventually, you will hear a few names several times. Try one of those.

Would I be correct in assuming that any info about the type of car, miles, and maintenance history (if any) along with details on this ignition problem will not be forthcoming?

Sounds as if your dealer did nothing wrong. They have plenty of tools to check things out but none of them have crystal balls.

Yeah, but to say they need to replace the entire ignition system suggests they have big brass ones, I think.

Seriously, it would help if we knew what kind of car we were dealing with, as OK suggests.