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2012 Lexus RX 450h - what do replacement bulbs really cost?

I am replacing the headlight on a 2012 Lexus RX450h. PN# Phillips DS4. Prices are ALL OVER from $29 for a 2 pack to $150 for 1 !!! What is the difference? It kinda of a pain to replace these so I only want to do this once.

Buy brand name bulbs. Buy the best you can afford in that brand. Make sure to compare the part numbers as well, not just the fitment number! Beware of counterfeit brands.

Buy and replace both bulbs - one went out, is the other far behind?? No, it is not.

Thanks, (Mustang Man)

Been doing more research as well. LOTs of counterfeits out there.

$45 per bulb OEM Phillips Doesn’t sound too bad after looking around D4S xen.


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If you want the longest lasting bulbs, stick wit stock teplacement ones. Brighter bulbs will cost more and not last as long.