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2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited oil consumption

Jeep had down at least two quarts when I took it for an oil change last week. There was no oil on dipstick. I just had it in for air bag recall. Could the work on the air bag caused an oil leak in any way?

The airbag recall has nothing to do with the oil consumption. Check the oil level more often and add a quart when necessary.

The person that informed you that the engine is two quarts low may have identified you as a buyer of a new engine if you won’t add oil when needed.

I add a quart of oil every 1500 miles to my Dodge, it is insignificant compared to the cost of a replacement engine.


What was the oil level the last time you checked it and about how many miles ago was that?


How many miles was it since your last oil change? My owners manual tells me to check the oil at least once a month.

Some manuals recommend checking the dipstick at every gas fill-up.
Can the OP please tell us how recently her dipstick was checked, as well as how many miles had elapsed since the previous oil change?

Lately we’ve heard more than a few cases of engine danger or damage because the oil level was not maintained.

It’s important to check your oil level after each oil change and a few times before the next one. Over time you may have reason to believe it’s OK to not check for a few thousand miles, but why take the chance? It’s not a hard or costly or time consuming thing to do, and it can prevent major hardship, expense, and time-consuming hassles.

Concur, air bag service very unlikely to be related to the low oil level. Good thing the shop checked the oil level though, otherwise you might not have known and a damaged engine might have resulted. To determine if you have an actual oil usage problem you’ll have to measure the oil consumption, in number of quarts per 1000 miles. Less than one quart per thousand? You don’t have a major oil consumption problem, just need to check & top it off frequently, between changes, as required.