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2012 Honda Fit jerking

My car ( Honda fit 2012) jerks when I drive. What could be wrong?

Poor clutch control?

I could change my mind with more information.

Thanks for your input. My car has an automatic transmission. So, there is no clutch. I have taken good care of the car. But the jerk could be because of the spark plugs. May be I need to change them.

That is the definition of “having a fit” :slight_smile:

Might be plugs, might be something else. How many miles on the car and if the mileage is high, what maintenance has been done so far.

Thanks for your response. My Fit has 47000 miles. I am based in Austin. Austin is extremely hot these days. I have regular oil change and other maintenance work like changing battery, brake change, fixing AC done at the dealer. Now I am thinking of changing the plugs and struts as preventive measures. I mostly drive my new Toyota Corolla so Honda Fit has now become my back up car.

I jerk when I have a fit.

You need to distinguish a mis-fire from other causes. I’ve had plugs fail twice and recognized it immediately (I carry a spare set and tools so I pulled over immediately and fixed it). I’m no motorhead. I’m surprised you can’t tell. Pull 1 cable, start it, then you’ll know what it’s like and avoid a snipe hunt.

Is it the cycling on and off of the AC compressor? You could try driving a while with the HVAC turned off.