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2012 Honda CR-V - Brakes every 20 K miles

The car has only 55,000. This is the third time replacing the rear brakes . So it sits in the garage until the part comes in .brakes became hot and smelled . We have owned honda’s since 1986 .Honda accords ex .This is the 2nd CRV . Always had good results until this car . I see we are not the only ones with complaints on this car .

Mustangman or one of the mechanics here may have more info than me, but I would be sure the “Brake Force DIstribution System” in that car, if it has one, is working properly. That system is the one which balances the braking force so that the front wheels don’t do all the work. It may be that the rear brakes are doing too much work. I’d also be sure the calipers are not freezing and not retracting. Brakes are pretty simple. Good luck. Those CR-Vs are much loved.

Given that this car i 7 years old now, your rear brake calipers may be sticking making that problem worse. You may also be one of those folks that brakes lightly enough that the brake force distribution system leans more heavily on the rear than fronts.

My 2004 Chevy SUV does this, too. Rear pads are only good for about 25,000 miles, fronts for 60,000!