2012 Honda Civic replace transmission myself

2012 Honda Civic Sedan EX delayed and jerky shifting. Took to dealership was told transmission needs to be replaced. Quoted at 5-6 thousand for parts and service. Replacement used transmissions run about $500-$600 is it feasible to do this project myself? I have access to a well stocked garage and was going to rent a jack for the project. I’m too broke to let the dealership do it. Thanks in advance.

We have no idea of your technical abilities or skills.

Take the car to a local, independent transmission shop for a second opinion. You may be surprised at what they find, and also they price the quote you (much lower).

Dealerships tend to want to replace everything at the most expensive cost. Not always, but most of the time. Unless you’ve totally neglected this transmission, I’d be surprised that a 2012 Honda transmission needed replacing, as opposed to repairing.

Good luck.


It’s a big project. Have you looked at YouTube for this to see if you can do it?

How many miles on civic?
Have you ever had the fluid changed?

Have an independent trasmission shop, not Aamco, and let them look at it. I the trans needs to be replaced, have them put in one of those $500 used ones.

Given that a new replacement is $5000 and used goes for $500 tells me that these don’t fail very often so it may be a fairly simple repair.

Is the Check Engine light on?

Or is the D4 light blinking?



89,000. I had the transmission fluid changed the problem was happening before that but might have been exacerbated by the change.

Yep check engine light was on D4 was blinking

Get the code(s) pulled.

Might not need a transmission. Just a shift control solenoid.


I took it to an independent mechanic their diagnostics weren’t sophisticated enough to pinpoint the problem. The mechanic suspected the transmission was going out though. I took it to the dealership on their advice and the dealership confirmed a replacement was needed. The independent mechanic was a little bit cheaper but not by much and backed up on availability for transmission replacements. As for my technical abilities I removed all of the solenoids and tested them with a multimeter and connected them to the battery to make sure they worked. They were all functional. But that’s the extent of what I’ve done on a car.

Personally I would never attempt to replace a transmission myself.

Reasons being I have no experience working with one of the more complex pieces of automotive hardware out there. I also don’t have access to a lift, either for the vehicle or the transmission. Let alone any specialized tools or computer hardware to configure the transmission.

Plus I have a wife who would not approve of a garage or driveway full of old parts and fluids everywhere. Which might be the strongest reason of all.

There are other transmission shops out there; keep on looking. Good luck.

I appreciate the advice. My aspirations get ahead of my practicality sometimes so I need third party input. Thanks.