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2012 GMC 2500 - Jack stands for slopes

Will 3 ton jack stands be enough support for a 2012 gmc 2500 hd crew cab 4wd? And do they make jack stand shims for a sloping driveway?

Yes, a 3 ton(6000 lbs) stand will work if you use 2 (12,000 lbs) to support one axle and 4 (24,000 lbs) to lift the entire truck which weighs less than 12,000 lbs. Gives you a margin of safety.

And NO, there are no jack stand shims for a sloped driveway. You should NEVER work under a vehicle on a surface with significant slope, EVER. Dropping 12,000 lbs of truck onto your body is deadly.


Please listen to @Mustangman. Or You could lose your life.



Agreed; do NOT crawl under a vehicle while it is parked on a slope and supported by anything.

As for the tonnage, my feeling would be something a bit heavier. Just like battery amperage, you can have never have too much of certain things.


Go with 6-ton jack stands . . . those 3 ton jack stands are better suited to a car or maybe a Ford Ranger

I wouldn’t trust my life to Harbor Fake jack stands, for what it’s worth

don’t buy Torin, either