2012 Ford Fusion - Brake Caliper Sticking

over last two years ive changed the front drivers side rotor/pads/caliper on a 2012 ford fusion and the pads stuck again! what else am i missing? Will the ABS cause the caliper not to release?

Usually, no the ABS won’t keep the caliper from applying. Given the almost complete lack of info you’ve given us, that is all I can give you.

Exactly what is happening? Describe in detail what you mean that the pads are sticking. Are you doing the work yourself?

A brake line that’s collapsing internally can keep the brake applied.

Caliper pins or slides can freeze from rust and keep the pads from retracting when you release the brake also. Sticking calipers would be more likely in the rust belt. Collapsing hose in the rest of the country.

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Are the pads getting hung up on the caliper or is the caliper not releasing?

If you mean they apply and lock… I’ve heard of the rubber brake hose breaking internally. A flap of rubber inside works like a check valve, but I’ve never encountered it.

Other than that, were these cheap parts? Maybe the caliper has failed again.