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2012 ford focus TCM needs replacement worth buying used?

Lookin to get a replacement car for my daughter. “issue is with transmission TCM module which need to be replaced” 114k miles $2900,
First would this cause damage to the tranny?
Second It appears to be covered by extended warranty, but no specifics I can see as one must be original order.
Your thoughts?

Is the Focus one you currently own or one you are considering for purchase?
If yours-try the warranty route.
If looking at to buy, I wouldn’t even considered it until current owner has it repaired.

With the thousands of used vehicles for sale why even consider one you have to ask about ? I agree with Purbred , tell who ever has it to fix it and then call you.

If you are trying to buy this car, I am going to guess it needs more than the TCM. The DCT in these models were a problem child and this I believe is the first model year, I will pass.

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Looking to buy the car, for $2900 plus repairs looks good especially if it is under warrentee, If the guy does not want to fix it is a valid question, @VOLVO_V70 sure there are many used cars for sale, I think this may be viable. Why would I consider one I have to ask about? Because I am cheap. Why do you have to make so many negative comments?

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Remember that the DDCT in some of these was really bad news. If it has the 6 speed, AVOID this car! I suspect these will basically be worth scrap value as they start to die off in a few years much like many of the Chrysler 2.7Ls.

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If this extended warranty is so good then why has it not been used to fix the vehicle. Also there is a transfer fee that usually has to be paid by the original holder of the extended warranty .
This is your daughter so being cheap does not sound good.

Thank you all for your responses, I will keep looking and pass on this as a car for my daughter.

I think that’s solid reasoning. Until the repair is completed and shown to be effective, too much risk. You’d have to get it at a bigger discount before it would make sense imo. This car is for a college student with the summer off who has time to deal with it, if they could buy it for $1000 - $1200. Even then it would probably still make more sense to buy a used Corolla or Civic in the mid-2000’s vintage.

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