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2012 Ford Focus parasitic drain

My 2012 Focus has a 350 milliamp parasitic electrical current drain constantly when the ignition is off. The timeout system will only work if I remain in the driver’s seat until the Multifunction Display goes off which takes about 10 minutes.

Hi @John58 did you have a specific question about your parasitic drain? Did you locate the source?

I want to know why he has to set in the car for 10 minutes. I just open my door and the dash turns off . This thing needs to go to an electrical shop.

Yes, where do I look for a parasitic current drain of about 330 milliamps on a 2012 Focus that can be eliminated simply by staying seated in the vehicle, with the ignition keys removed, until the Multifunctional Display times out. Until the display disappears, the power window work and the radio can be turned on. After the display times out, everything shuts down as it should. If I pull the keys and immediately leave the vehicle the parasitic drain continues indefinitely. John