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Squeaky serpentine belt

I recently flushed my cooling system and replaced the anti-freeze (2001 Ford Ranger, though I doubt this is important). I must’ve spilt a bit of ant-freeze because the serpentine belt has been whining ever since. A friend suggested WD40, which eliminated the squealing, but it’s come back.

After listening to my friend’s advice and the noise returning, I checked online and found advice to NEVER spray WD40 on any engine belts. What is your advice?

I never use any kind of belt dressing on serp. belts

Check your schedule is it time for a serp. belt and tensioner

Grooves on pulleys and flat surfaces on tensioners must be clean and aligned.

I have seen the only thing that silences a serp belt is replacement with tensioner.

Can you find a product that lists it’s purpose is to silence serp. belts? Let us know

In the old days I used “door ease” to silence V-belts, probably wasn’t good at promoting energy transfer.

And I do believe WD-40 is overated (works good for wet distributor caps, but that was the “old days also”)

My favorite “miracle products are” Gaskacinch, “Aviation” brand gasket sealer(by permatex) and silver antisieze, the worst Blue RTV. Oh I forgot diaelectric grease,and heat transfer grease, and a RTV by GM called GMS (good for sealing at the ends of V-8 and V-6 intake manifolds)

WD-40 is a lubricant. You don’t want lubricant on the belt. Lubricant will make it slip and squeal.

At this point you may need a new belt.

With the engine running, pour some water on the belt and see it the sound stops. If so, replace the belt. If not, remove belt and check all the idlers.