2012 Ford F350 Soft Brake Pedal Problem

Purchased new 2012 Ford F350 to haul slide in camper. When I step on the brakes they go 3/4 of the way down. If I pump again, they go 1/4 of the way down (normal). Brought this to Ford dealer, they test drove the vehicle and admitted I had a problem with the brakes. They told Ford and Ford faxed a letter stating they are aware of this issue and there is nothing they can do about it. Stated this is a “soft braking pedal problem” with some of the 2011 and 2012 Ford trucks. Has anyone heard of this and what can be done?

Vehicle has an Special Service Message for this condition. SSM 22255 - 2011-2012 F-SUPER DUTY VEHICLES - SOFT BRAKE PEDAL FEEL. Message states that the vacuum assist braking system in this truck will feel differently than the older Hydro Boost system. Older Hydro Boost system used the power steering Hydraulic pump for brake assist. The systems feel completely different.

What needs to happen: You need to go to your selling dealer, get the sales consultant that sold you the truck or the service manager and have them (With you) compare your truck with an identical (Same Engine, Chassis, Driveline) Vehicle as yours. If the brake feel is identical between the trucks. The condition is deemed normal. If the Brake feel is confirmed to be different, diagnostics should be done and based on the results, repairs are warranted. Remember, your truck will need compared to an equivalent unit (Obviously it does no need to be the same color, king ranch, fx4 platinum etc. But it should be the same series (F350) with the same power brake system. Do not compare with a F450-550)

From experience, I have an 04 F350 Diesel with Hydroboost and had a company truck (2011 Superduty 6.7 Diesel) with the Vacuum Brake Booster. I can say that the pedal was much softer in the 11. The pedal feel was night and day different from that of the 04, even so, the soft pedaled 2011 would, by far out brake the 2004. Like I stated above, you need to compare your new truck with a like unit, just to confirm that all is well.

Well this is a bigger problem than being admitted! I had my 2012 f-350 not stop causing me to run into a neighbors yard and take out two 6x6 post. Towed it to dealer, they checked it, say they checked with Ford factory and claim there’s no problem. Problem is when you first use the brakes. Gets better as pumped up. I hope I don’t die first. Would like to here others complaints. Love truck besides can’t stop

Gas or Diesel engine?

I would suggest that those who have these problems also file a complaint with NHTSA. If they begin to accumulate enough complaints they’ll force a recall, and it sounds like this is one of those cases that justifies a recall.

I agree with the NHTSA suggestion.

I would certainly be unhappy to have an issue like this after spending that much money to buy a vehicle.