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2012 Ford F150 - Dash lights

While driving dasboard lights turned off then back on, although the motor did not shut off the. truck continued forward motion, it was still a little unnerving so I made an appointment on Saturday unable to get in before Before the appt. experienced the dashboard turning off and on 9 times and the Service Advance Track light illuminated on two occasions. Service department had truck 2 days however they were unable to make any repairs because enability to duplicate either issues, no computer default codes! .???

Replace instrument panel lights fuse. If it happens again, might be the connector to the instrument cluster. Intermittent stuff stinks. Could wait until it gets bad enough for service department can experience it.

Have the trucks battery tested.

Have the trucks battery tested.
Right, always the first thing to check.

The dash lights turning off and back on is one indication of a faulty Body Control Module.