2012 Ford F-150 - I left with it steaming

I left my 2012 Ford F-150 steaming, after sometime, I went to the car and noticed that the engine was off and the battery drained.
I noticed some oil around the engine compartment and the liquid in the coolant container has changed colour from red to black.
I need to know what could cause this and what to fix. Thank you.

if your engine was running so hot that it was steaming ,why would you leave it running and walk away. sounds like the head gasket was bad. oil in the overflow( the black) you probably seized the engine causing it to stall. then the truck was standing there with the key still in the on position killing the battery.


Have the truck towed to a reliable independent mechanic. The engine may need to be replaced.

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From the OPs description change that may to WILL need to be replaced.


You done blowed it up!

If I were to guess, which I have to do over the interwebs, I would say your battery likely isn’t drained, instead the truck won’t start or turn over because the engine is seized. I’d say you overheated it, and through your neglect of walking away when it was hot and still running- you ruined the engine.

good luck.


The liquid in the coolant container turning black could be from the power steering cooler (goes through the radiator), the trans cooler (same), or possibly the oil cooler (if equipped). Your other comments definitely make this sound doom and gloom, but I’d check the other fluid levels and conditions first. If your engine oil looks similar to what’s in your coolant reservoir….yeah, that’s doom and gloom.