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2012 Fiat 500 - No compression

After car started shaking upon startup and engine light flashing, I was told the #2 cylinder has no compression at all. Fiat will not take the engine apart to investigate further without charging me several thousand dollars. Car has 80k miles on it, maintenance done regularly and driven by a lady (who drives like an old lady).

Fiat = Fix It Again Tony As true today as it was 40 years ago when Fiat left the US market.

The only option you have is to take it to a local independent shop to have it checked with a borescope. Something your Fiat dealer apparently doesn’t own. It can take pictures inside cylinder #2 so it can determine the problem at a MUCH lower cost.

The solution is likely to replace the engine with a re-built one. Sorry, but Fiat is like a brother in law that won’t move out, keeps on taking your money and breaking things.

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