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2012 Corolla Bumper Replacement - Can I do it?

Might be a regional thing . . .

I’ve never heard that term here

I might add we have quite a few Camry owners in our fleet, and I haven’t seen one that had the kind of damage shown

I often see this type of damage around DC metro area.

A 3 year old article about it with a link to the Camry Corner’s Facebook page. There are LOTS of Camrys in my area. A casual walk through the Publix grocery store parking lots will always reveal at least one. I don’t know why but other cars don’t seem to suffer the same fate. Maybe the bumper bars reach farther across and support the corners better than Camrys.

Back in 2013 I happen to backup my Altima into my daughter’ car, hitting the way I would get that kind of dent, but smoother/rounder shape of the bumper popped right back out, rear quarter-panel and combination light assembly were lesser fortunate :frowning:

IMHO it is the shape of Camry bumper what is also contributing to it.

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It isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t need to be. It still looks pretty dark good comparing the original photo to what I’ve got now.

I couldn’t get the screw off from under the right wheel well so I couldn’t get my hand all the way in to push that last little bit out, but I’m certain it would have worked to get that out too. I may just try more hot water and a plunger or something I can get a good air seal on and try pulling it out. But in the end, that’s a 3 inch divot as opposed to the head sized impression it used to be.


Thanks for posting back!
Yes, it looks much better now.
As for the remaining dent - check if you can get some wood stick to the area pushing it out, and if yes - go with the hair dryer, not a hot water, as it will allow you to better control heating of the area, just do not get to the point of melting the paint.

I have these window mounts for various electronics. They are small diameter and stick very well when you wet the cup and flip the lever down to pull a vacuum…

Go to a bodyshop if you care about your car.

If you can’t get behind it, get yourself an inexpensive tool called a slide hammer. Drill a small hole in the deepest part of the depression, screw the tool into the hole, and pull out the depression.

There are cheap kits like 10 bucks for suction dent pullers, or for maybe $75 to $100 a paintless dent repair might do it and even do a reasonable job buffing out the scratches.

An old body man told be to just use a trouble light or something to heat the bumper up (a regular 60 watt bulb) or a sun lamp or something. Never used the hot water. I think if you ponder it enough, you’ll be able to get your hand or at least a stick or something behind it. Or hot glue on a few dowels to pull on it.