2012 Chrysler 300C - Steering Very Hard/Service Power Steering Message

I owned a 2012 300c 5.7 Litter with 55,000 miles. For the first time today after hitting the gas pedal few times for a more powerful take off and better response to see how fast can go from one street light to another; just right after I stopped the auto for exterior detailing. At some point the kid that was cleaning call me that the steering was super stiff that he can barely turn the wheel and that there were a yellow flashing steering symbol together with an exclamation mark next to it. Then when you press menu it shows “Messages: 1”. Then it shows a larger yellow steering symbol and on top of it, it says in capital words; “Service Power Steering”. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Vehicle has all his regularly check-ups. It also has extended warranty the most expensive one. Do you think it can be a fuse ??? … thanks !

You have an extended warranty so use it . And it will not make any difference to the shop that repairs this problem what anyone on the web thinks.

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Fuse, no. The steering is not electric. Likely the belt that drives the power steering has fallen off or broken. It may run the water pump, too. Tow it to the repair facility.