2012 Chrysler 300C - CEL and vibes

2012 Chrysler 300c awd 5.7 hemi.Check engine light and vibration from engine.Was told common problem failure cams ,valves, pistons and other metal from defective stock wear out prematurely causing engine failure .Vehicle taken to multiple mechanics with same explanation

Common problem with the 5.7 Hemi engine.


So what are you looking from us? Confirmation? Or do you want us to tell. you, noooo, THAT doesn’t happen to hemi engines…Cause it does.

How difficult is it to replace worn camshafts on this engine? Assuming that is the problem, of course.

Has your shop done a compression test? If so, post the results.

Do you think good compression would be of any value after a camshaft failure and metal debris in the engine?

We have a 2017 Hemi at the shop right now. 84,000 miles. Replacing the lifters requires removing the cylinder heads. Replacing the cam requires removing the oil pan, timing cover and chain.

Is there clear & undeniable evidence for camshaft failure?