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Considering replacing my car with a 2005 300C

My old LHS is getting kind of long in tooth. I’ve been looking at 2005-2008 Chrysler 300Cs. I like the cars, though the handling isn’t quite up to par with what I’m used to. I’m considering the Hemi. Gas mileage isn’t too important to me, but reliability is.

So what does everyone think of this vehicle? Does anyone here have one and have any feedback or experiences to report?

These cars seem to be roomy, good looking, and reasonably reliable (I would avoid the base 2.7 engine, but the 3.5 and Hemis should be OK).

Seem to be pretty solid cars. Check Consumer Reports for repair history. I believe the hemi uses 2 spark plugs per cylinder so replacing 16 plugs can be an expense at tune up time. That is just FYI, and should not steer you away from the hemi which is a good motor.