2012 Chrysler 200 - Cost of hitting a rail

Hit a rail. Knowked two tires off how much its cost to fix

No way to even guess via the web. Only a shop can determine that by actually looking at the vehicle and other damage might be found during the repair.


I bet a nickel it will exceed the insurance deductible.


If you destroyed both tires on the same side you probably need a full set since modern cars don’t like rolling around on mismatched tires. Cha-ching! You probably also need two new wheels and both brake disks/calipers/etc. Cha-ching! And there’s probably more damage you can’t even see at this point, maybe suspension damage in front. Cha-ching! Anyway, you probably get my point by now. If your luck is anything like mine have your wallet handy and maybe a stiff drink. :cry:

I will amend that assessment by stating that an impact that was hard enough to “knock off” two tires will DEFINITELY result in brake and suspension damage to both the front and the rear of this car, which has independent rear suspension.

This will not be a cheap repair.

It would be cheaper to buy another 2012 Chrysler 200, I think yours is totaled.


A metal rail that fell off a truck? May only need two tires.

A guard rail? $8,000 to $12,000.

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If the car hit something with enough force to literally knock two tires off, the frame is 100% bent out of wack. Car most likely totalled.

This unitized-construction car doesn’t have a frame. However, it is entirely possible that the unitized-construction chassis components have been deformed by the impact.