2012 Chevrolet Camaro - Do I need a reflash?

If i put a high performance intake and the not running as good should the computer should be reflashed

I might imagine you would need to ask this question from the maker of that “high performance intake”

I doubt asking this type of question and with so little details of this forum would give you what you want

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Describe the high performance intake. Does it use air from outside the engine compartment, or does it suck air in from the engine compartment?

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… and, does it utilize a “permanent” filter that you saturate with oil?

my father’s clone of Beetle had a high-airflow filter with the oil bath, sweet memories:


It’s not uncommon for a tune to required when you add an aftermarket CAI these days. Usually the CAI’s marketing material and/or the seller will mention it. Some do require a tune, some don’t.