2012 Cadillac SRX knocking at low speed

when accelerating from zero, at 20mph I hear a slight knocking from right front of car.goes away at 21 or 22mph

Would be nice if you could post a sound clip.

Hey there! I did a little search around and heres what I came up with.

If the noise happens primarilly when turning left/right or driving over rough roads, its common for the stablizer bar bushings to wear out earlier than expected in that vehicle. I’d give that a look if this is the environment/cirucmstance you tend to notice the noise.

It sounds like it could also be a control arm bushing wearing out.

Additionally it seems that its not uncommon for the strut mounts to wear out early on in these vehicles, which could also make a sound like you describe.

It sounds almost certainly like a suspension component from what you’ve described so I’d take a look in that area, anyway. Best of luck!