2012 BMW 328 - hard top


So I left my convertible 328i bmw 2012 hard top open last night and it rain when I got up I was able to close it but it was acting up the next day I try it agai and now it won’t even flash the little light to the switch so what could be wrong I don’t think it has to do with anything big except for the switch going bad or the fuse or relay going bad what do y’all think could be

I think water got into the electronics in and under the dashboard.

You could try using DampRid inside the car with it closed up for a few days and hope for the best, kind of like putting a wet cellphone inside a bag of rice so the rice can soak up the moisture (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t).

You might need a lot of DampRid, or maybe an electric dehumidifier, and a lot of luck.