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2011 Volkswagen Tiguan - Leak

Timing chain tinsioner oil leak

How can a tensioner leak? Are you sure it is not he timing chain cover gasket leaking?

There’s a defect in the casting of the tesioner where it breaks and oil leaks.

There’s an updated design available,


VW service tec said it would cost $ 1.500.00 To fix. I read there is a class action lawsuit aginest VW don’t about that.

Wow, never would have imagined that. But not familiar with the design.

1500 to replace tensioner alone? Or other parts?

2011 might be a little old for a class action and even if successful it can take several years to actually wind its way through. If they do settle sometime, you likely would be able to get a refund or partial refund anyway. So get it fixed but maybe see if a private shop dealing in VWs would be a little cheaper.

I had a vacuum pump on my diesel Olds break out like that though. Original pump so maybe it was a defect I dunno but almost an identical break. We had a class action too on the diesel but by the time it was all said and done it only covered up to 100,000 miles and I was way over that. So yeah a class action sounds nice but don’t count on it. A good portion of the money goes to the law firm. Can’t remember what it was but recently qualified for a class action payment on something. All said and done I’d get something like $2 if I filled out all the paper work. Went into the trash so someone got an extra $2 that could have been mine.