2011 Volkswagen Golf - Dented A-pillar

Anyone have any DIY tips for repairing A Pillar dent damage by the windshield? (My profile picture is of the damage)

Yikes. I will say that if I am not mistaken, the structural part of the A-Pillar is not that crimped part on the outside. Maybe a body shop will have good(ish) news.


Yeah, you wouldn’t be asking if you had the tools/skills to fix it. I sure don’t. Time for a body shop.


Not unless you know how to cut out damaged sheet metal and weld in new.


The pillars are extremely important in the event of a rollover. They keep the roof from collapsing on the occupants. Take it to a reputable body shop to see if they can fix it. Do not mess with a DIY repair or let some hack try to fix it.